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Agriculture companies can be supported by personal nutrition education to increase career longevity. Also, specific nutrition education related to livestock and farming can support growing agriculture in the US for years to come.


Training for teachers, nurses, coaches and staff on nutrition education can decrease long-term health risks for your students.

School districts

Due to the lack of clinical dietitians, nutrition education may be missing at your hospital or clinic. Providing hands-on training for your medical team can improve nutrition support for your area.


Nutrition education impacts our entire lives. Training through a speaking engagement provides practical ways to improve nutrition education for your community.

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This group is designed for women who are looking To...

Training designed specific to your facility, operation, school district needs for nutrition and health education. 

Continuing education for professionals. 

Access to recording and presentation. 

Here's what you get with a speaking engagement.

Pricing is based on topic design, type of speaking and additional requests.

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